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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We provide you only the instruments which will compare the password candidates against the password hashes.
No. You need the encrypted hash which will be compared against the combinations you set in you input settings. The more complex the attempt is, the more successful the recovery attempt will be but it will cost more. Its your decision in the end.
We accept cryptocurrencies only - USDT, Bitcoin, Monero. If you don’t find your preferred crypto, please contact us.
No. We provide only the means to recover passwords without ANY guarantee that the password will be recovered. If your password is too complex, it's possible to take forever to recover it. Once a chunk is started and/or completed, the balance for it is used and is not eligible for refund. You can cancel only chunks, which haven’t been started yet.
The reason for this is, that even with the GPU acceleration at our disposal, the number of combinations may be too high and the time could be measured in hundreds and thousands of years. We directly assume that even if you have the money to pay for this, you won’t have the time to wait and we directly reject such attempts. What you can do is to lower the complexity of the recovery attempt and hope your password will be found.
For larger jobs (understand weeks or months) we can provide a low priority server usage (your jobs might run when the server has low demand, during holidays, during specific hours of the day, etc.) at reduced cost. We can offer up to 20% discount. Keep in mind this is a LOW PRIORITY service and ETA can greatly differentiate. Also, for your task to receive discount, we need full payment over the discounted price. Once paid and started, the task won’t have the option to be paused, cancelled, stopped until all chunks are finished.
Chunk is the smallest peace of a task. When you create a task, we split the task to a number of chunks depending on the size of the task. Regardless of task size, all chunks are created with nearly identical size and cost.
The reason is that there are no servers available to process your chunks. This could happen for multiple reasons, including manual allocation from us.
Each chunk consist of a work that will be completed in specific time on a specific server. This is set when we “split“ your task into chunks corresponding to the amount of the total work in your task. The more chunks, the more work needs to be performed in order to check all possible combinations in your task. The amount of work in a chunk is pretty much the same regardless of the task. Chunks ETA depends the servers we have available to assign to your task - sometimes we can assign a few, sometimes a lot, sometimes we can reallocate additional servers which are normally not included. All depends on our judgement and servers availability.
No, we currently don’t have API. Based on the demand and if we decide so, we can start one. If you have interest in one, please contact us.
Yes, you can. Please contact us for this as the process requires manual work from our side.
Chunk is something that has as many attempts so that they will be calculated within 30 mins on an specific machine we use for estimating your task. If your task has 10 chunks, this means that the server we use for this has provided an estimate of 300 min for the whole job, where we split this in 10 chunks of 30 mins each. Each chunk can be distributed to a different server for simultaneous operation. There could be multiple servers and they could be faster or slower than the estimating machine. As our chunk price is pretty much the same for any task, the total task price will depend on the number of chunks multiplied by the prices per chunk.
If your password has been found (or the number of password you want to be found), your job will be automatically cancelled and you'll be refunded for the chunks that haven't been started. Every chunk that has been completed or started, is not a subject of refund.

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